How to fix Windows Update error 0x80242016

This guide will help you fix Windows Update error 0x80242016. Windows Update errors aren’t new. Users keep getting into updates errors every now and again. The error code 0x80242016 occurs when you manually install quality updates or features.

What is the error code 0x80242016

Windows Update error code 0x80242016 indicates that Windows Update’s state after it has finished is unplanned. You may see a message WU_E_UH_POSTREBOOTUNEXPECTEDSTATE in the error logs.

This error code could cause users to miss important updates such as bug fixes or other improvements. To avoid security threats and gain new features, it is important to keep your system current. It is important to fix this error code and get new Windows updates installed. This post will help you if you’re also experiencing the same error code. This guide will discuss several methods to fix Windows Update error 0x80242016.

How to fix Windows Update Error 0x80242016


These are the steps to fix Windows Update error code 0x80242016 on Windows 11/10:

  1. You can try these general troubleshooting techniques.
  2. Run Windows Update troubleshooter.
  3. Run DISM or SFC scans.
  4. Reset Windows Update components.
  5. Third-party antivirus should be disabled
  6. Disable proxy connection
  7. Restart relevant Windows services.
  8. Updates can be downloaded and installed manually.

Let’s now discuss in detail the methods mentioned above!

1] Use some general troubleshooting techniques

You can first try these general methods to eliminate the error code. These are some easy tips to help you resolve the issue.

  • Restart your PC and then try installing the update again.
  • Install Update in Clean Boot and see.
  • Make sure you are connected to a stable internet, else you will face errors while installing Windows updates. Try switching to a good speed internet and
  • If there is any connected USB drive or any other external device, try to unplug it.
  • Do check whether the date and time of your PC are correct. If not, you might receive this error code.

2] Run Windows Update troubleshooter

To resolve this error, you can use the Windows Update troubleshooter. This tool is capable of fixing other Windows update issues and may also work with this error code. You can use it by pressing the Windows + I hotkey, and then clicking on Update & Security. Next, click on the Troubleshoot tab. Tap the Additional troubleshooter option. To troubleshoot Windows Update problems, select the Windows Update troubleshooter option and click the Run troubleshooter button.

This should resolve the problem. If this does not solve the problem, you may have other issues that need to be addressed. Try this alternative solution.

3] Perform DISM or SFC scans

You might have a corrupted system file or an important file that is required to install updates. To restore your computer’s health and resolve the problem, run DISM or SFC scans.

These commands may take some time to complete. After the commands are completed, you can attempt to install Windows Update that gave you error code 0x80242016.

4] Reset Windows Update components

To fix this error, you can also reset Windows Update components. This is useful in many cases where Windows updates fail to install. It may also be a solution. With the help of Reset Windows Update Components tool, you can manually set Windows Update components back to default.

5] Turn off third-party antivirus

You can disable third-party antivirus software on your computer and then try installing Windows Update again. There are some chances that your antivirus may have misinterpreted update files as threats, and therefore updates failed with error code 0.80242016 You can temporarily disable your antivirus program to see if the error has gone away.

6] Disable Proxy connection

If you’re using a proxy connection , disable it and then check again to see if the error persists. Simply open the Internet Options and type the same keyword into the search box. Open the Internet Properties window and click the LAN Settings button. You can then uncheck the Use proxy server to your LAN option (these settings won’t apply to dial-up connections or VPN connections). Next, click the OK button to reboot your computer to verify that Windows Update is working without any error code 0x80242016.

7] Restart relevant Windows services

If the Windows update services aren’t running, Windows may fail to update. You can fix the error code by restarting relevant Windows services.

To execute the commands, simply launch the Command Prompt and log in as administrator.

8] Install updates manually and download them

You can still download and install Windows updates manually if you’re having trouble. Follow these steps to do this:

  1. Firstly, open the Setting app by pressing the Windows +I hotkey.
  2. Now, click on the Update & Security category.
  3. Next, in the Windows Update tab, locate the View update history on the right side and click on it.
  4. After that, from the list, look for the update giving you the error code 0x80242016. You need to note down the KB number associated with this failed update.
  5. Then, go to the Microsoft Update Catalog website and type the above KB number in the Search box, and press Enter.
  6. From the search results, download the latest update with your KB number by clicking on the Download button.
  7. Finally, double-click on the downloaded update to install it.

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