Windows 10: How to Fix the Error Code 43

Windows 10: How to Fix the Error Code 43. The Windows error code 43 is one of the more well-known error messages under Windows 10. We reveal what is behind the numerical code 43 and how you can fix the error code 43.

Windows error code 43 is one of many error messages that Windows 10 leaves us pretty much alone with a number. The device manager reports with error code 43 that one of the devices installed in the computer had to be stopped. Even if this can theoretically apply to all devices, in most cases error code 43 is a USB device or a built-in 3D graphics card (GPU).

So you fix the Windows error code 43

A real hardware defect is only responsible in rare cases. So your chances are good that you can fix the error code 43. With our following step-by-step problem solution, you can get to the bottom of error 43.

Step 1: Restart the computer with the USB devices removed

To rule out a temporary software or hardware problem, you should first shut down and restart your computer. Disconnects the PC from the power supply for half a minute. If a USB device is affected, remove the cable for it before restarting.

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Step 2: Check the affected device on another PC

Try the device deactivated by the error code 43 on another computer. With USB devices, you should check the cable and, if necessary, test another cable. If the problem also occurs on another PC, the device may actually be defective.

Step 3: Re-activate the device in the Windows 10 device manager

  • With a little luck you can restart the device affected by the Windows error code 43 by manually reactivating it. Proceed as follows:
 how to fix error Code 43
  • After right-clicking on the start button, first open the “Device Manager”.
fix the error code 43
  • There you click on the affected device with the right mouse button and select “Deactivate device”.
Error code 43
  • Confirm the warning message that appears with “Yes”.
code 43
  • Then you can “activate” the device again after a right click.

Step 4: Update device driver

Outdated drivers can also lead to “Windows error code 43”. Get the really latest version of the corresponding driver with the help of our instructions in order to rule out this source of error.

Step 5: Try repairing errors with SFC and DISM

If the Windows error code 43 can be traced back to Windows 10 itself, with a little luck you can fix the problem with the tools SFC and DISM . We will show you how to use them correctly in this separate manual.

Step 6: Undo faulty Windows 10 updates

If the Windows error code 43 occurred immediately after a small or large Windows 10 update, this may be responsible. If necessary, a driver version suitable for the update must first be developed for the device concerned. In separate instructions we will show you how you can uninstall individual updates and patches or a large Windows 10 feature update .

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