How to fix Dism.exe error 1392 on your Windows computer

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Dism.exe error 1392 usually appears when a file or directory is damaged and unreadable.

The location specified in the error message states that some temporary files are damaged. Since the files are only temporary, you can delete the mentioned file in the error message and see if the problem persists.

The error is caused by missing system files or bad data, which should be fixed as soon as possible to avoid further hardware and application damage, as in most cases this can lead to system crashes, data loss or hardware failure.

Error 1392 manifests itself in problems such as warning messages, slow or delayed PC performance, system stop, program lock, start or shutdown problems and errors when installing applications or other programs and updates.

If you’ve tried deleting the temporary file and nothing happens, try the other solutions listed here.

Table of Contents

How to Fix Dism.exe Error 1392
Solution 1: run an SFC scan
Solution 2 check drive to check and fix disk errors
Solution 3: temporarily disable your antivirus
Solution 4: scan your computer for malware
Solution 5: delete junk files with Disk Cleanup
Solution 6: perform a system restore

How to Fix Dism.exe Error 1392

Perform an SFC scan

Launch Check disk to check and fix disk errors
Temporarily disable the antivirus program
Check your computer for malware
Delete junk files with Disk Cleanup
Perform a system restore

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Solution 1: Run an SFC scan

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Whenever you encounter dism.exe 1392 error, there are most likely corrupt files and a system file scan will reveal such files as it will scan all protected system files and then replace the wrong versions with the real, correct Microsoft versions.

  • Click on Start
    Go to the search box and type in CMD
  • Go to Command Prompt
    Right click and choose Run as administrator
    Type sfc / scannow
    Press enter
    Restart your computer and see if the dism.exe 1392 error goes away.

Solution 2: Check drive to Check and fix Disk Errors

You should occasionally use the Check Disks tool to check the integrity of the disks. This examines hard drives and can correct many types of common errors on FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS drives. One of the ways that Check Disk finds errors is by comparing the disk bitmap to the disk sectors associated with files in the file system.

Check Disk cannot repair corrupted data in files that appear structurally intact. You can run Check Disk from the command line or through a graphical interface.

Right click on Start then select Command Prompt (Admin)

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Enter the following command: chkdsk / f h: and then press enter (h is the drive with the disk.exe error 1392 problem)
You can also try the following command: chkdsk / F / R and then Enter

to press.

Note: Check Disk analyzes the drive and returns a status message about any problems that occur. If you don’t specify any other options, Check Disk won’t repair any problems, but to find and repair errors on drive C use chkdsk / f C:

When you use this command, Check Disk will analyze the hard drive and then repair any errors it finds if the hard drive is not in use. When used, Check Disk will display a prompt asking if you want to schedule the disk to be checked the next time the system reboots. Click yes to schedule this review.

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The full syntax for Check Disk is as follows:
CHKDSK [volume [[path] filename]]] [/ F] [/ V] [/ R] [/ X] [/ I] [/ C] [/ L [: size]]]

V is for r volume to set the volume to work with

path / filename Specifies files to be checked for fragmentation (FAT16 and FAT32 only)
/ Ffixes errors on the hard disk
/ VShows the complete

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