How to Check Disk Using CHKDSK in Windows 10

How to Check Disk Using CHKDSK in Windows 10. CHKDSK is the short form for Check Disk which corrects it and checks for the errors in hard disk. It is useful to troubleshoot the read errors and errors linked with storage. There are different methods of using CHKDSK on your Windows 10. Let’s learn the different ways to use this CHKDSK It’s always better it performs before it is used by you and to know about each and every command.

This is a common behaviour by CHKDSK and it only means that the poor sectors including the information it contains have neglected. It may not be recognized by the system you are using. When using the r parameter whereas it’s impossible to retrieve some data that gets corrupted CHKDSK command will try to recover the data stored on the poor sectors. This is why you should keep a backup copy of all your crucial data so you do not overlook using CHKDSK command the way.

Run CHKDSK via This PC

  • Open-File Explorer
  • Click- This PC
  • Right click – Hard disk on which you want to run CHKDSK
  • Click – Properties

In properties window click- Tools

Click – check located underneath error checking

Now CHKDSK will start running on your Windows 10

Run CHKDSK via Command Prompt

Press – Windows + X button together and select – command prompt to open a command prompt.

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Type the command – “CHKDSK X:”and here in this command, you can replace the X with the drive you want to scan.

Press- enter and command prompt will automatically begin CHKDSK.

Run CHKDSK using Cortana

Type the command – CHKDSK X: /F and replace X the drive you want to scan.

Cortana helps you run and execute the command prompt automatically.

A CHKDSK can take more time when tried on large drives. After the execution of CHSDSK command is done it will display the details that include

Byte allocation

Total disk space

Errors if any

If there are any errors found they are adjusted automatically by this control. The CHKDSK command comes with all the Windows editions. After running this command some users found space. This can happen when the disk isn’t working and CHKSDK is effective to detect the hard drive failure and blocks some bad sectors on your drive. A few bad sector on your previous drive might not be detected but they will be identified and blocked by the command CHKDSK, when the there are some significant drive failing problems.

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