How to Fix Battery Icon Missing From Taskbar Issue

How to Fix Battery Icon Missing From Taskbar Issue. How to bring back a missing battery icon on the Windows 10 system tray. Here are the steps you need to take to reset a missing battery icon on the Windows 10 system tray
Ways to restore a missing battery icon on the Windows 10 system tray
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The battery icon on your Windows 10 PC should appear in the system tray of your taskbar near the time and date. It helps you keep track of your device’s battery level and can be helpful when using your PC in non-powered areas.

However, the battery icon may be missing from the system tray, making it difficult to track your PC’s battery status. In this article, we are going to show you how to recover the battery icon if it is missing from your system tray.

Check if the Battery Icon is Disabled or Not

Tap the up arrow in the system tray to see if the battery icon is hidden. When you find the battery icon, you can drag it and drop it back on your taskbar’s system tray.

If the battery icon doesn’t appear in your hidden items in the system tray, then it is disabled. Use the other methods in this article to resolve the issue.

Enable the Hidden Battery Icon Using the System Tray Settings

To get started, right-click in the empty area on the system tray and choose Taskbar Settings from the pop-up menu.

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In the System Tray Settings window, navigate to the Notification area and click Choose which icons appear on the system tray.

From here, navigate to Power and see if the button is on or off. You should toggle the button to so that the battery icon can be displayed in the system tray.

In case that doesn’t fix your problem, you can try the other methods.

Trouble Shooting the power Settings

If your battery icon is still missing after turning on the power button in your system tray settings, you should check the power settings with the troubleshooter.

To do this, navigate to Windows Start Menu> PC Settings> Update & Security> Troubleshooting. Scroll down and select the Power option. Click the Run Troubleshooter button.

The fix will run and indicate that problems have been fixed. When done, check if the problem got resolved. If the problem persists, try the other methods in this article.

Restart or Reinstall the Battery Drivers

If your PC’s battery drivers are not working normally, the battery icon will not appear in the system tray. To resolve this issue, you should restart or reinstall the battery drivers.

To restart your battery drivers, press Windows Key + X and choose Device Manager from the pop-up menu. In Device Manager, double-click the Batteries option to expand it. You will see two options: the Microsoft AC Adapter and the Microsoft ACPI Compatible Battery for the control method.

For the two options that appear, right click on each adapter and select Disable Device. After that, right-click each adapter again and select Activate Device.

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Restart your PC and see if you can see the battery icon in the system tray. If reactivating the battery driver doesn’t work, reinstall the battery drivers. To do this, right click on each adapter and select Uninstall device.

When you have finished uninstalling the drivers, click the Scan for hardware changes icon on the Device Manager menu.

Restart your PC and the system will reinstall the battery adapters. The symbol for the

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