How To Fix “USB Ports Not Working” Issue

How To Fix “USB Ports Not Working” Issue. In the event that you have changed to Windows 10 and all of a sudden found that your USB isn’t working appropriately, at that point this article will assist you with settling the issues.

Check if USB device is defective

In the event that you think to discover that your USB quit working after you moved up to Windows 10 and prior it was functioning admirably, at that point your USB gadget isn’t broken. Again it very well may be an alternate circumstance wherein you changed to Windows 10 and USB quit working just after OS is overhauled. So it is smarter to check your USB gadget before you get into complexity investigating process.

So as to check whether your USB gadget is deficient or not, simply unplug it and take a stab at connecting it to an alternate PC. In the event that USB gadget works fine on another gadget implies the gadget isn’t defective. Then again, on the off chance that it doesn’t work, at that point there is the issue is unique and you have to supplant your USB gadget.

Check Power Management Settings

Windows is shrewd and in this manner it turns off the USB controllers consequently to spare power when the USB gadget isn’t being used. Windows switch the USB controllers again when required. In some cases this default procedure doesn’t work appropriately and Windows can’t turn ON the USB controllers back once more. So as to determine this issue.

  • Open- Device Manager
  • Expand – Universal Serial Bus controllers
  • Double-click– USB Root Hub Device (first one) from the list
  • Click the tab- Power Management
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Uncheck the checkbox- Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.

Click- Ok

Check Device Drivers

In some cases driver issue additionally prompts issues in the working of USB ports. You can utilize Driver Easy to fix it consequently. Drive simple perceive the framework and distinguish the suitable drivers for your framework. It isn’t vital for you to know which framework your PC depends on. This will kill the danger of downloading just as introducing the inaccurate driver and you can be tranquil about committing an errorslab while introducing.

You can likewise decide to refresh the drivers consequently with the assistance of PRO or free form of Driver Easy.

Check Power Supply 

Your PC/PC supplies capacity to all your USB ports. There are chances when your framework neglects to supply control appropriately to the USB ports and in this way the ports may neglect to work. You can fix this issue basically by

Unplug charger plug and power supply from the computer/laptop

Restart your system

Connect the USB device to your system

Now again plug in the power supply

These are methods or ways you can resolve USB ports not working Issue manually.

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