How to Fix Wireless Mouse Not Working

How to Fix Wireless Mouse Not Working. It’s truly annoying if your wireless mouse stops abruptly at the center as you’re working on your computer. You will observe that other programs are working fine, even the keyboard shortcuts are still working properly but just the mouse cursor stops moving in your display.

Fix Wireless Mouse Not Working

The reasons can be different such as the battery of the mouse has been discharged. You may try out some of the simple methods mentioned below to resolve the problem if you’re certain the issue doesn’t exist due to issues with older drivers or USB interfaces.

Take the battery out from your mouse and only await some time before you add battery .

In case the cursor is still not working then go to Windows Run box and type – devmgmt.msc to be able to open – Device Manager. To get to the Run box you can press- Win +R from your keyboard.

Expand the segment Mice and other pointing devices currently pick your mouse in the list and select- Uninstall.

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Change mouse batteries

The issue of your wireless mouse, not functioning can also happen because of low battery power. It’s strongly advised that you utilize the ideal batteries created for digital devices. It is possible to attempt to replace the batteries and this could correct the matter.

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Assess your mouse on a different PC whenever potential

If the matter is still not resolved then it’s possible to check if your mouse is currently functioning on another PC.  In case the problem still persists on a different computer then your device is faulty.

Uninstall additional mouse applications that may be an obstruction

When there’s different mouse applications running in your systems such as a touchpad or Logitech applications that applications can battle with the mouse program. You Have to set up this software Which May be contradictory and to do this follow the Easy steps given below

Open – Control Panel and Select – Program and Features.

From the box Start Hunt, type – appwiz.cpl.

Strike – Input

If you receive a message requesting administrator password/confirmation then input the password and then click Continue.

Attempt to recognize another mouse applications which you view in the listing and just follow the screen directions to get rid of the computer software.

Restart your PC.

Reinstall your Windows 10

This is the very best alternative that has functioned nearly constantly. Occasionally wireless mouse functions nicely using another Windows version. You may try to reinstall another version of Windows to test whether the wireless mouse works good for you.

The methods mentioned previously will surely provide you best remedy to solve the matter easily.

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