How to Get Help in Windows 10

Although this actually seems self-evident, very few users care: We are talking about virus protection. Locking the front door, car and bike or not leaving your wallet lying around is part of everyday life for us. However, practicing the same discipline with the notebook seems far from most of us. A large part of our information is on it and all the data that is not stored locally on the hard drive can be accessed online.

 Reason enough to devote yourself to the protection of your data in detail. These can be attacked primarily in the form of viruses with the aim of hackers gaining access to them. So that this does not happen, we will tell you how to make your notebook How to Get Help in Windows 10. If you follow these tips,

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Windows Defender, the in-house & free version for virus protection

Help in Windows 10

The Windows Defender has two major advantages: First, it is integrated into the operating system. So you already have standard Windows 10 virus protection on your notebook. The Defender has been included in the scope of delivery since Windows 8. On the other hand, this Windows 10 virus protection is free, so you don’t have to worry about an additional antivirus tool. Regarding the efficiency of the program: At the beginning it was heavily criticized because it only offered minimal protection against dangerous viruses, but the Defender has now become a fixture among How to Get Help in Windows 10.

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 A real-time scanner automatically and completely scans your notebook for any viruses and reliably eliminates them. A plug-in for Google Chrome has also been available since 2018that protects users from dangerous phishing attacks. The bottom line is that you get reliable Windows 10 virus protection without too many extras.

What other free Windows 10 virus protection programs are there?

In addition to Windows Defender, there is a whole range of exciting Windows 10 virus protection programs that consistently do a good job – and are also free. This includes, for example, Kaspersky Security Cloud Free . The company, which was founded in 1997, specializes in virus protection and, in addition to a paid version, also brings out a free tool for your Windows 10 virus protection.

 In this slimmed-down version of its big brother, “Kaspersky Internet Security”, you have an extremely reliable virus scanner at your disposal. A password manager and a VPN service are also included. So much functionality makes the program one of the best (and free) Windows 10 virus protection tools currently available.

Another free tool for your Windows 10 virus protection is Avira Free Security . The program has a thoroughly working scanner that scans your notebook for viruses and malware and removes them reliably. Your own VPN access also ensures safe web surfing, and you also get extra browser protection that protects you online against Trojans and the like.

 Occasionally, when using the virus scanner, there may be delays in work processes taking place in parallel – in other words: your notebook will slow down. In addition, the performance of the scanner affects your battery. Nonetheless, Avira Free Security is a very good antivirus tool.

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Do you know Panda Free Antivirus ? With this program you get a cloud-based virus elimination tool. Formerly called “Cloud Antivirus”, the program has been renamed to ensure that viruses and malware are a thing of the past. The advantage of the cloud solution: The pool of identified viruses remains up-to-date, which leads to a high detection rate. 

If you wish, you can also view the analysis of a previous scan. Another plus point: The program works quickly and saves your memory. Small downer: Unfortunately, the program does not search or protect e-mails. Nevertheless, with Panda Free Antivirus you get a great Windows 10 virus protection.

You should know these paid Windows 10 virus protection tools

Get Help in Windows 10

The classic among Windows 10 virus protection programs is undoubtedly Kaspersky Internet Security . The tool has over 400 million users in Europe alone. In terms of virus coverage, the program is currently one of the best on the market. There is less criticism of the product itself than of the comparatively high price. 

A big plus of Kaspersky Internet Security is that it is extremely resource-efficient. In other words: your notebook will not slow down just because the program is working in the background. The bottom line is that you receive comprehensive virus protection with numerous additional functions such as an extra tool for secure payment transactions in banking.

One Windows 10 anti-virus tool that is enjoying great popularity is McAfee Total Protection . The name says it all: With this program you actually get total or comprehensive protection; there are no other (additional) products such as Kaspersky with “Anti-Virus” or “Security Cloud”. McAfee Total Protection includes a firewall, a spam and phishing filter and a manager for passwordsand an extra file encryption. 

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Despite the simplicity of the product range, McAfee Total Protection is available in three different versions. These depend on how many or which end devices (e.g. several notebooks) you want to protect with them. The most important features include, first and foremost, the virus protection itself as well as the functions “Performance optimization”, “Safe surfing” and “Security experts and online support”.

With Norton 360 Deluxe you also get an efficiently working Windows 10 virus protection program. The tool gives you multiple levels of protection in a single tool. On the one hand, you of course get the classic virus protection, which also protects you against malware, Trojans and other threats from the network. In addition, you get a VPN service that allows you to surf safely and anonymously. A password manager is also included. 

Among other things, this helps you to generate new passwords and thus to obtain particularly secure passwords. Furthermore, a 50 GB cloud backup is included in the range of functions, which protects your photos, films and documents from data loss in the event of an attack. So much privacy definitely makes Norton 360 Deluxe one of the most efficient Windows 10 antivirus tools out there.

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