How To Fix KB2999226 Update Windows 7?

The debate about the necessity to update windows operating system has long been debated. Windows OS has for a long time been postponed,

From the beginning of the technical debate to the category of rhetorical questions for which there aren’t any definitive solutions.

The camp of discussion was split into three distinct groups consisting of “warring factions”:

  • those who are definitely against the updates;
  • those who believe that all updates are important for the stable operation of the system;
  • and those who install updates as needed and by choice.

But every individual user, no matter their their adherence to any organization, sooner or later will face some issues that arise when the installation or rollback of downloaded updates.

In this article, we’ll explore the root issues and methods to fix the issue of system failure that causes the message “Update is not applicable to this system” when you attempt to install the application using the “kb2999226

What is the kb2999226 Error?

download kb2999226

It is important to know that upgrading Windows operating system Windows operating system (as as well as other programs) is possible , subject to specific requirements specified for a particular update to a file.

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For instance, the package that has the code “Kb2999226” is based on two fundamental specifications:

  • availability of the operating system Windows 7 Service Pack 1;
  • availability of the operating system Windows 7 Service Pack 1 with a bit depth of 64 bits.

These two requirements are obligatory and, in the event in the event of non-compliance with these conditions, errors can occur, for example, the message “Update is not applicable on this particular computer.”

The first step to this issue is to check if the system you have installed actually meets the above specifications.

It is worthwhile to mention the fact that Microsoft has not shied away from the issue and has provided an overview of the primary reasons and solutions that are drawn from them for resolving this issue.

Reason 1: Outdated or replaceable update

In the event that an update program has already been in place, or different version has been installed it will include the components of “Kb2999226”.

If this is the case, then the error might occur (since the actions mentioned above need to replace the previously installed software with the new one that is being installed)

solutions to this issue

To fix the issue you’ll need to either delete the previously installed update, or just NOT apply “Kb2999226”.

To verify the components that are installed to verify the installation of components, start the command prompt, then execute”wmic qfe list” command ” wmic qfe list” command.

Reason 2: Incomplete Updates Installed

Of course, if haven’t previously installed any crucial updates, then a lot of the necessary components to work on or install “kb2999226” are missing on your system.

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Solution to the issue

You must verify the availability of your computer and its ability to install critical updates. This requires:

  1. Open “Start” – “Control Panel” – “System and Security”.
  2. Locate the Windows Update section and open the Check for Updates line.
  3. In the “Download and install the update for computer” block, note the line “Important updates: N available,” where instead of “N” the number of updates available for installation is indicated.
  4. Install all available options or determine the most important ones.

Reason 3: The system files that are required for the proper operation of operating components of the system are damaged

The cause of these damages can be traced to the virus’s activity or uninformed and inexplicably actions in the registry.

Solution to the issue

Examine the integrity of the system files using the “sfc scannow” scanner by running it from the command line using administrator rights.

Reason 4: The downloaded file from Windows Update is damaged

The problem could also arise because of viral activity or inexperienced user actions.

Solution to the issue

Download the necessary file manually within the Windows updates directory. To do this, visit the site “” and use the search to find “Kb2999226”.

Most notably affecting Windows 7

download kb2999226

The issue under discussion as well as the other reasons, could be a mix of individuals and rely on actions taken previously.

In addition to the primary objective of installing the update (for instance system requirements, or the requirement for an application or program to function).

In the final analysis, it’s important to highlight a variety of alternatives that aren’t directly connected with the “Kb2999226” package However, they solve numerous issues that arise when installing updates to Microsoft’s Windows Operating System:

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Option I

Use the combination “WIN + R” and then execute”services.msc” and press the key combination “WIN + R” “services.msc”.

Within the “Services” page that appears look for the option “Windows Update”,” select it , then click the “Stop” button.

Visit “C C: Windows SoftwareDistribution Download” and remove the complete content of this folder.

Return to the Services tab and switch on Windows Update.

In addition, as mentioned above make sure to re-search and install the most important updates.

Option 2

This option will perform an automatic examination of the system’s ability to be ready for the next update installation.

After examining the system, try to install the update file “kb2999226“.

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