Easy Ways to Rectify Microsoft Update KB4471318 Error

Microsoft Update KB4471318 was released in this month in December. It’s a monthly rollup version and fixes some issues with the previous version that was released in the month of November’s Microsoft update KB4467108.

In this article, we will look at the different issues that this version has solved and how you can download it, and also what are the issues in it.

How to Download KB4471318

This open-source update is available to Windows users running Windows 2008 and Windows 7. This update is utilized to fix an issue that was introduced by earlier versions of Microsoft version.

Download the Microsoft version KB4471318 to your system by clicking the following link, then choosing the Download option. It will start the download and it will then ask you to install it.

Benefits of using KB4471318

There were two major issues that were created by the new version. The KB 4471318 helps in resolving these issues on your system:

  1. In Windows Media Player, the seek bar was unresponsive. This issue got repaired in the release of KB-4471318.
  2. Provided better security features to Internet Explorer and Microsoft Graphics Component.
  3. Security updates for Windows filesystems and storage, Windows wireless networking.

How can you fix the error in updating


Stop Windows Update Service

  • Use the taskbar’s search bar and type services.msc
  • You can also use the Run window (shortcut: Windows key + R) and type services.msc and hit Enter.
  • The services window will open in a new panel.
  • Fetch for the Windows Update service, which will be at the bottom of the list of services.
  • Right click on it and select to STOP the service.
  • Exit the window.

Clear from the cache folder

To clear the cache files associated with Microsoft Update Windows Update:

  • Open the File Explorer (Windows Explorer).
  • This can also be opened by double clicking on the “My PC”.
  • At the search path bar available at the top, type the following or copy paste the below path:
  • and hit Enter key.
  • There will be three or more files and folders in this specified path.
  • Select all those files and folders and choose to delete, or delete them individually.
  • Close the window.

Restart Windows Update

  • Type in the taskbar’s search bar: services.msc
  • Or you can use the Run window (shortcut: Windows key + R) and type: services.msc and and then press the Enter key.
  • The services window will open in a new panel.
  • Fetch for the Windows Update service, which will be at the bottom of the list of services.
  • Right click on it and select to START the service.
  • Close the Services window.

FAQs on KB4471318


What is KB4471318 Error

This error is displayed on your system after it is discovered that the November 2018 Microsoft version is unable to download. The system also continues to display an error message that says the latest version is available and that it is required to be installed.

What are the problems that are caused by KB4471318?

This controller of Network Interface may stop executing in certain Client software-related configurations.
This issue is corrected by installing the January edition of the Microsoft Update.

Unable to install the update kb4471318?

One method is to delete the cache folder from the Windows update, then restarting the update. If that doesn’t work, try similar things in Safe Mode.


While the majority of us are using regularly up-to-date versions (kb4471318)of Microsoft but there are some features within Windows for which computers have been forced in their ability to update themselves. There will be new versions , or sub-versions of Windows every year , based upon the needs of clients and the issues that are faced by clients and users.

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