Windows 10 v1809 KB4495667 brings a very long list of bug fixes

Officially version, the Microsoft cumulative update for release KB4495667 will be rolling out for Windows 10 on the 1st day of May, 2019. In essence, this update fixes an issue with the series and also improves performance. This is the moment that Windows 10 Build 17763.475 is available for download as offline installers for x32 and x64-based systems. Microsoft has released the direct download link of KB4495667 offline installer at the Microsoft update catalog’s website.

It is also possible to download Windows files directly for manual installation. the version that is built is 17763.475. The upgrade is now available on this (x32 as well as the x64) system. Microsoft advised downloading the first Windows 10 update 17763.475. It is also possible to learn 10 ways to enable history on Task Scheduler.

Microsoft recently published KB4495667 which includes a variety of bug fixes on systems that run Windows 10. October Update. This update updates the current version of the operating system up to version 17763.475.

Similar to the previous versions, Microsoft didn’t release any new performance enhancements or corrections for Windows 10 Build 17763.475.

Correct your Windows Update Error KB4495667


Guys, if you’re having technical issues with Windows update error, you can take these steps in order to resolve this Windows upgrade error.

  • The first step is to start by searching and search for “(service.msc)” into the box for search.
  • Press the Enter key to search the desired result. simply click on”(service.msc) “(service.msc)” choice. It will then be opened.
  • This will start all the windows service options in your operating system.
  • From here, just check an option to check “Windows Update” option.
  • After that, right-click”Windows Update”, then right-click on “Windows Update” and then select stop. That’s it.
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KB4495667 changelog

App Launching bug fixed

The KB4495667 update finally addresses app launch issues introduced by previous versions. Windows 10 users will no need to be faced with this issue after installing this upgrade.

IE issues are resolved

Certain users previously had issues when starting certain applications using Internet Explorer. Thankfully, KB4495667 was able to fix the problem.

Application not responding, fix

Windows 10 users were reporting for a while that the Gdi32full.dll issueforced applications to cease responding. Microsoft was aware of the complaints and issued an update to fix the issue in KB4495667.

Problems with login to accounts fixed

In the past, users used an electronic card to log into their account after deactivating it. Microsoft solved this issue with this update and these users are not sign in to an account they have disabled.

Fixing the Start Menu Settings bug

Microsoft has resolved a second problem related to the custom Start menu settings. Certain Windows 10 users who upgraded their system reported that they had lost their custom Setup Menus.

Memory leaks are a problem that has been resolved

This release addressed a gradual memory leak issue in LSASS.exe. The issue was observed when the device was enabled for caching of logons.

Bugs in KB4495667


In contrast to previous versions This update added six problems into the mix. Microsoft says that the update could result in error 0x800f0982 for systems that are running certain Asian software packages for languages. In addition, users who try to print using Edge or any UWP applications may encounter the following error message: Your printer was affected by an unanticipated configuration issue the error code is the error code is 0x80070007e.

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Microsoft has also acknowledged other issues with Zone transfers as well as ArcaBit antivirus. In addition, there are reports of the update failing to be installed for certain users.

You can install manually 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit versions of Windows 10 KB4495667 by following the link below.

Final Word

In conclusion, I’d like to suggest that in this article I’m trying to provide a comprehensive guideline step-by-step for the cumulative update of 2019-04 for Windows 10 version 1809 on systems running x64 (kb4495667). Additionally, you will receive an immediate download link for KB4495667 for windows 10 version 17763.475. 17763.475. If you require more details you can leave a comment on your question in the comments section.

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