How to Fix Windows Update Error KB4522741 error on Windows 10?

Windows 10 1903 has received KB4522741 for .NET Framework 4.8 and 3.5 on the 24th of October, 2019. The update is accessible for Windows Server 1903 RTM. The patch brings improvements to ASP.NET, WPF1, CLR2 and Winforms. You’ll receive KB4522741 immediately through the Windows updates. If your system hasn’t yet downloaded the upgrade and has not installed it,, you must go into Settings > Update & Security and then click”Check for Updates.

Solution 1: Restart the Windows Update Service

Restart the Windows Update Service

The first step can be restarting the Windows Update Service and see whether it resolves the KB4522741problem. These steps can be described as they are:

Step 1: Press the Windows and R keys at the same time to open the Run dialogue box. Type services.msc and click OK to open the Services application.

Step 2: From the list of applications, right-click Windows Update to select Restart.

You can then Update Your Windows once more and determine whether the KB4522741 problem has been resolved. If not, you can try the following solution.

Solution 2: Delete SoftwareDistribution Folder

In this article we will go through the second option – to remove the SoftwareDistribution folder in order to fix the issue of updating. To accomplish this follow these instructions below.

Step 1: Type Command Prompt in the Search menu. Then right-click it to choose Run as administrator:

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Step 2: Run the following commands one by one and press Enter:

  • net stop wuauserv
  • net stop cryptSvc
  • net stop bits
  • net stop msiserver

Step 3: Now go to the C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution folder and delete all the files & folders inside by pressing the Ctrl+A keys to select all and then right-clicking to choose Delete.

After emptying this folder, you can either restart your computer or type the following command one by one in Command Prompt and press Enter to restart Windows Update related services:

  • net start wuauserv
  • net start cryptSvc
  • net start bits
  • net start msiserver

Now, run Windows Update again and check to see if you still meet the Windows update error KB4522741 issue. If the error still exists, try the next fix – repair corrupted system files.

Solution 3: Repair Corrupted System Files


Windows system files corruption could be the cause of the problem. If this happens you should make use of two command-line tools to fix the issue – SFC (System File Checker) and DISM(Deployment Image Servicing and Management) to repair problems with Windows System files.

Here’s how you can make use of SFC to repair damaged system file corruption:

Step 1: Input Command Prompt in the search bar and click Run as administrator from the context menu.

Step 2: Type the following command and press Enter.

Once the verification has been 100 percent complete, you are able to look over the results of the scan to determine the presence of any mistakes discovered. This is how to utilize DISM to repair the corrupted system files. Read this article – Fixing the Windows 10 Image with DISM and Other Tips to Use DISM.

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Solution 4: Install the Windows Updates Manually

You could also try installing your Windows Updates manually. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Open the Settings application again and go to the Update & Security section. Then click View update history.

Step 2: Copy the recent KB number of the Windows Update package.

Step 3: Go to the Microsoft Update Catalog website. Paste the KB number of the Windows Update package in the Search box and press Enter.

Step 4: Click the Download button and a popup window will appear. In the popup window, click the .msu file link to download it.

Final Words

In essence, if you’re facing the KB4522741 issue but aren’t sure what to do You can discover solutions that work in this article.

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