KB5000842 improves Windows 10 File Explorer and kills old Edge browser

The KB5000842 update has been released. Microsoft has brought the improvements for Windows 10 version 20H2 and version 2004 to try to enhance users’ File Explorer experience for more users. Following updating, search feature has been restored and it appears Microsoft has resolved reliability issues.

For those who aren’t aware, Windows 10 November 2019 Update removed the search function of File Explorer whereby the filter panel may not respond when you perform an on-site file search.

In the previous image, File Explorer stops responding when you try to filter results of a search using date the file’s size, the date that was changed. The issue is affecting the column heading only when you attempt to filter the results on an online search page.

Through our testing, we found Microsoft Windows 10, KB5000842, has resolved the ‘Computing filters error as well as performance issues while filtering results of searches using File Explorer.

Microsoft Windows 10 version KB5000842, that forms part of March’s 2021 upgrade, is currently rolling out to PCs running v20H2 or 2004. For those looking to manually update their system or who are experiencing problems installing direct downloading links to Windows 10 offline installers KB5000842 are also available.

2021-03 Preview of the Cumulative Update to Windows 10 Version 20H2 for 64-bit systems (KB5000842)


For downloading and installing Windows 10 Build 19042.906, just comply with these instructions:

  1. After checking for updates select “Download then install”.
  2. Select “Restart immediately” when the download is completed.
  3. Reboot your computer to install the update.
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In addition, for a variety of reasons, you might encounter issues when installing the cumulative updates. For instance, problems during installation that result in vague error messages , or the update may remain stuck for a prolonged duration at a certain amount.

If you do encounter a problem or a problem it is possible to apply this update on your own by installing the offline installer using the link below.

Windows 10 KB5000842 (Build 19042.906) Full Changelog

In this version, Microsoft has finally fixed it “Computing Filters” message that appears when you use filters within File Explorer search results. Another issue has been resolved in which the search filter freezes or ceases to respond when users attempt to change the filter type (file type, date of file for example).

Windows 10 KB5000842 is an optional update that will upgrade your system towards Windows 10 Build 19042.906. As you might have guessed there aren’t any brand new features included in this update. However, it is possible that this will be the first patch that comes with improved performance in File Explorer.

As we have previously reported, an issue within Windows 10 causes explorer.exe to use up a lot of memory, especially when other applications that are in use in the background. This is evidently affecting the performance of the system.

This issue has been resolved in today’s update.

Alongside File Explorer fixes, Microsoft has also addressed a glitch that causes some monitors to produce darker colors than they should. This happens only if the monitor is in HDR mode, which is that is only available to select monitors.

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Another issue has been resolved that prevents video playback sync to function when you have multiple monitors.

This cumulative update addresses an issue in which the system won’t respond to keyboard or mouse inputs when users delete folders or files which are synced with OneDrive.

Windows 10 Build 19042.906 is also expected to fix problems:

  • Unexpected issues with the touch keyboard or changing the orientation of the device
  • There is a bug that prevents users from close the toast Notifications by pressing close button.

As with all other updates that are optional that you can download, it is best to avoid it unless you’re experiencing issues like the ones mentioned in the previous paragraph. You should hold off until on Patch Tuesday to update both security and non-security fixes.

KB5000842 update causes death of Microsoft Edge


The KB5000842 update is also the first update to eliminate the previous Microsoft Edge from Windows 10.

As you might have guessed, Windows 10 still carries the older version of Microsoft Edge even if you’ve already installed Chromium Edge. This means that the older Edge is within the background on your computer but is hidden.

But, this patch will totally remove the old browser completely from Windows 10, and users will be upgraded to Chromium Edge in the event that they’re using the previous version.

It’s also important to note that Microsoft has already confirmed your default browser preferences will not change when you apply the optional patch, or the obligatory March Patch Wednesday patch.

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