Download KB5003169 Offline Installer, Windows 10 v1909

The Patch Tuesday Update KB5003169 is now available to every Windows 10 users running v1909. Here are the download links KB5003169 offline installer.

Alongside it, the KB5003173 upgrade for the versions v2004 and v20H2, Microsoft released another patch Tuesday update known as KB5003169 to Windows 10 v1909 users. KB5003169 will be a security patch that includes the previous update’s optional security patches as well as fixes for one specific issue that may occur in certain situations.

The KB5003169 update concentrates on improving general safety for Windows and its numerous components, including Bluetooth drivers Windows OLE Security, Windows Kernel, Windows Frameworks, Microsoft Scripting Engine, Windows App Platform, Windows Silicon Platform, of Windows and its various components like Bluetooth drivers, Windows Silicon Platform. As I mentioned earlier the update contains a solutions to a specific issue. i.e. scrollbar controls are as if they are blank and don’t function in certain conditions and on specific screens.

Since it is a security upgrade, it is advised to download the upgrade as fast as you can. If you’re experiencing issues in recently released Windows 10 updates, I’d suggest waiting at least a week before installing this KB5003169 update. Although it is possible to apply the KB5003169 update via the Settings app If it’s creating problems or you want for installing the upgrade on a computer that is not online follow the below links to download the KB5003169 offline installer. Once you have downloaded, click the installer file, and follow the instructions to download the update. Once the update is installed, I recommend that you restart your computer to install the update.

Download KB5003169 offline installer


Use the links below for download the KB5003169 offline installer KB5003169 offline installer from Microsoft catalog site.

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For version 1909:

  • KB5003169 (x86) (32-bit) offline installer (download size: 325.7 MB)
  • KB5003169 64-bit (64-bit) offline installer (download size: 564.9 MB)

If you’re looking for KB5003169 downloading link that work with Windows Server, ARM64 based systems, or a different version, go to Microsoft’s Microsoft updates catalog site to locate the right download links. All you need to do is tap the Download button beside the version you want to download.

KB5003169 Windows 10 1909 Changelog

  • The company has been working on improving security of Windows App Platform and Frameworks. Windows App Platform and Frameworks particularly when Windows is performing basic functions. Examples include – Windows Kernel, the Microsoft Scripting Engine along with Windows Silicon Platform. Windows Silicon Platform.
  • Microsoft has resolved a glitch which could cause the scroll bar controls to cease functioning. The issue was previously empty on the screen.
  • Windows 10 maker has improved the Windows OLE (compound documents) security.
  • Next update to Bluetooth drivers will be security, and it has been improved by this update.

There are some known issues with KB5003169

Problem – When you install this upgrade, the chances are you’ll lose your system and user certificates. This issue can only happen when you upgrade your device to Windows 10, version 1809 or a subsequent version. The devices are only affected if the most recent cumulative upgrade (LCU) is installed and was launched the 16th of September, 2020 or after that date.

Solution HTML0 Solution To solve this issue You must uninstall this version you are using at the moment Windows version and then revert to the previous version following the steps below. The process will take between 10 to 30 days, which is dependent on the version that you’re updating to as well as how you configure your system. After you’ve completed the procedure, you’ll need to update to the most current Windows version.

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How can I obtain this Update


Before installing this update, in the first place check that you have the latest service stack upgrade i.e. the KB5001406 is installed and downloaded to Windows 10 1909. Windows 10 1909. It protects the process of updating against any problems or bugs. Follow any method you consider appropriate to obtain the KB5003169 update.

  1. Windows Update The patch is downloaded and installed via Windows Update immediately. You only need to go to the following link in Windows Settings (Win+I) > Update and Security > Windows Update. Next, navigate to the right side of the screen and select “Check for updates”.
  2. Windows Update for Business:It will be downloaded and installed via Windows Update automatically in accordance with the policies that have been set up.
  3. Update Catalog The first step is to visit Microsoft’s official website. Once you’re there you can search for the update that meets the system specifications for architecture. After that, click then the button to download the button. After that, click on the top link to begin downloading the installation file. Once it is downloaded you can double-click it to start the installation process.
  4. WSUS Configure the product and classification in the following manner:
  • The products: Windows 10
  • Classification Security Updates

As aspect the celebration of Patch Tuesday Microsoft announces a brand new comprehensive update KB5003169 that is available for Windows 10 series. The update is released as a security update which enhances various Windows services as well as updates security to Bluetooth drivers. It boosts Windows 10 1909’s build number Windows 10 1909 to 18363.1556.

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