How to Fix Kernel Security Check Failure in Windows 10

It is actually a panicky circumstance when your Windows screen turns blue and you see a Kernel Security Check Failure. All things considered, don’t stress as in this article we are going to brief in some incredible investigating approaches to determine the issue. The explanation behind the error could be infection assaults, memory issues and so on.

Fix Kernel Security Check Failure in Windows 10

The error will not let you access your system

Restart your PC and try inserting a Windows 10 bootable CD into optical media drive.

Click-  Next on the box for Windows setup.

On the very next page click- Repair your computer

On the next screen – Choose an option simply click- Troubleshoot

Click- Advanced options

Select – Command prompt

You will get a new window which is command prompt window. Here you type – C: and press – Enter

Type the command – BCDEDIT /SET {DEFAULT} BOOTMENUPOLICY LEGACY on C : prompt and press – Enter. This will enable – legacy advanced boot menu.

After the direction is executed effectively you can type – EXIT and close the order brief window

Return to the screen that says – Choose a choice and snap Continue and it will begin your system regularly.

Check your system’s memory slot

Ensure you check the memory space of your PC to guarantee it is effectively embedded into the attachment so as to work appropriately.

Check Hard Drive

It is significant for your hard drive to work accurately. The thought is to check on the off chance that it is connected appropriately into the gadget. In the event that you have an extra hard drive at that point take a stab at stopping it to check in the event that it works appropriately.

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Scan your Computer

Do full systems scan to see whether there is any infection and afterward expel the infection/malware which can be hazardous to your PC. Malware can be the significant issue for giving Kernel Security Check Failure error.

Performing full system scan without much of a stretch recognize for malware/infection living in your PC. Utilize an outsider antivirus to distinguish and wipe out the infection/malware from your system.

Run – System Restore

On the off chance that you have confronted the error as of late, you can run System Restore. On the off chance that the error happens in the wake of introducing any of the new programming on your system then this device is eligible to kill the new installed programs or applications.

The System Restore is the ideal alternative to reestablish the previous system arrangement that worked fine keeping your information unblemished with a few adjustable settings and highlights.

Sometimes, you may get the mistake after you overclock your PC. In such cases return to the default setup of your framework and basically uninstall the overclocking programming that is running on your PC. Next, you simply need to restart your system.

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